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Using Satellites for Internet Connections - FAQ's

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How does IP work over satellite?

Technically speaking, Internet traffic transmitted over satellite works no differently than transmitting it over terrestrial lines. The best way to think about it is to view satellites as a digital highway in the sky. While there have been some questions raised about the theoretical limits on speeds at which Internet traffic may be transmitted over satellites, practical experience by NSIS-VSAT Services and the major Internet carriers confirms that speeds which are required by ISP's can be carried over satellites without any appreciable slowing of response times or any decrease in the data rates.


Should I be concerned with security issues?

Carrying IP traffic over satellites poses the same degree of security risks as sending it over a terrestrial connection. If security is a concern, then you can use encryption, a process of electronically altering a signal from its original condition to prevent unauthorized use. There is no encryption on the satellite links but there are a variety of companies which can provide encryption software for the traffic. This is a common practice for banking and credit card and sales transactions over the Web.


Why do I care where my traffic lands?

The network of interconnected computers which form the Internet is comprised of thousands of smaller networks or access roads. However, the backbone or major 'roads' are maintained by four major providers, all of whom are committed to routing IP traffic as quickly as possible. Your data packets will get to their destination eventually no matter where they land. However, they will get there faster with fewer lost packets and delays if they are routed directly onto the backbone.


What speeds do satellites offer?

All services include simplex or duplex, balanced or asymmetric links from 64kbps to 45 Mbps. Higher rate services are also possible in selected coverage areas.


How do I determine the right speed for my service?

The data rates which are available over satellite are the same as you find for terrestrial links. If you currently use a 128 kbps link, then the same link can be established over the satellite. One of the key advantages of the NSIS-VSAT Services service is the ability to easily increase the data rate of the service (in 64 kbps increments) as required to keep up with the end-user demands.


How does a satellite connection compare to terrestrial links?

Satellites are ideal for areas hampered by inhospitable geography or where the terrestrial infrastructure is poor. In many parts of the world, they can provide the only truly reliable means of access to the Internet. Even in developed parts of the world, satellites are often an attractive alternative because they are distance insensitive. In other words, your costs do not change depending on where you are located or your proximity to the U.S. backbone.

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What equipment do I need?

In addition to your server or LAN dial up equipment, you will need a router, a modem and a transceiver, a combination 'transmitter' and receiver. In addition, you will need a satellite antenna or dish, basically a parabolic antenna which collects and focuses satellite signals.


Do you sell, install and service the satellite equipment?

Yes, we do  sell and install equipment.  We can also provide a list of suppliers and equipment integrators and we insist on all equipment meeting our performance specifications.


Can you recommend specific vendors?

Depending on your requirements, we are happy to recommend vendors with whom we have worked and who meet our performance standards. Some of the vendors have in-country representatives or recommended integrators, who can help specify and install your system.

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Customer Support

Do you provide traditional IP services along with space segment and teleport services?

Through our partners, we can help with obtaining domain name service and IP addresses. We can also point you in the right direction for web page hosting and design, security products and consulting services.


Where do I go for customer service and access problems?

Where you go for help depends on the nature of the problem. Lines of demarcation will be clearly spelled out in your contract, and start-up and operating procedures will be furnished.

In general, the backbone service provider continuously monitors the links to the ISP's and corporate users, and can determine if there are any problems in passing IP traffic to or from the remote location. NSIS-VSAT Services employs a team of engineers who are responsible for monitoring the satellite and teleport systems, including satellite performance, teleport equipment performance and terrestrial interconnects. Both NSIS-VSAT Services and the backbone provider maintain continuously staffed control centers which can quickly isolate problems to the user end, the network, or the satellite link and teleport.

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Licensing & Regulatory

What about licensing issues?

You are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses and complying with any relevant local regulations. We can provide general information on the licensing requirements for the use of satellites in particular countries, or can help direct you to the appropriate local authority for further information.

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